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Disease Outbreak News

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17 new confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1

With many Singaporeans returning from their June holidays or coming home for their summer vacation from countries such as the US, UK and Australia, we can expect an increase in the number of imported cases of H1N1. This by itself is manageable provided every traveller closely follows the MOH travel advisory and personal hygiene advice. This includes not boarding the plane if feeling unwell. Should any traveller develop flu-like symptoms when onboard the plane, they are advised to seek immediate treatment upon arrival.

2. Today, Singapore has confirmed 17 new cases, all involving travellers returning from countries with known community transmission of H1N1. Some of the cases were individuals who proceeded with their travel and/or meetings and social activities despite having developed symptoms.

3. MOH will like to remind travellers, especially if they have recently been to countries that have been considered by WHO to have sustained community transmission or to be in transition towards community transmission, as well as countries that have been reported to have exported cases, not to engage in extensive community activities such as working, shopping and participating in mass activities until they are well. This will help mitigate the risk of community spread in Singapore and make our containment efforts more effective.

4. The details of the cases are summarised below:

Case profile

Travel history

Onset of symptoms and medical contacts

No. 50

27yo Filipino woman (domestic helper)

Travelled from Manila on Cebu Pacific 5J803 / 13 June, Row 23

Developed symptoms and was detected by thermal scanner at the airport. Case was given referral letter to seek medical attention.

Case alerted maid agency on referral letter on 15 June.

Admitted to CDC in early hours of 16 June

No. 51

40yo Singaporean man

Travelled to Manila for work on 9 June. Went on to Cebu on10 June and KL from 11-12 June.

Returned to Singapore from KL on SQ109/13 June, row 40

Developed symptoms while in Manila. Sought medical attention at a TCM on 15 June for his stomachache.

Visited a GP on the same day and was sent to CDC2 on the same day.

No. 52

39yo Filipino woman (domestic helper)

Visited family in Philippines from 28 May-15 Jun.

Travelled to Singapore from Manila on PR505/15 June, row 5. Wore a mask throughout flight

Developed symptoms on 15 June. Fever was detected by thermal scanner at the airport.

Was admitted to CDC2 on the same day.

No. 53

53yo Chilean man working in Singapore

Visited family in Chile from 8-13 June

Returned to Singapore on JL711/15 June, row 4.

Developed symptoms while on board. Fever was detected by thermal scanner

Was admitted to CDC2 on the same day.

No. 54

51yo Australian

Returned to Singapore from Melbourne on SQ218/14 June, row 2.

Developed symptoms in late afternoon of 15 June.

Called his company doctor on 16 June and was admitted to CDC2 on the same night

No. 55

50yo American man

Travelled from New York to Singapore for work on SQ21/15 June, row 34.

Developed symptoms while on the plane. Proceeded with business meetings.

An ambulance was called for him when staff at one of his meetings heard of his illness.

Was admitted to CDC2 on 16 June morning

No. 56

15yo Singaporean male student

Travelled to Melbourne from 31May -14 June for holiday.

Returned to Singapore on EK405/14 June, row 42

Developed symptoms while at home on 15 June.

Was admitted to KKH on the same night

No. 57

36yo Australian woman

Was the mother of 39th case seated at row 60.

Same flight as 42nd case who was seated at row 46

Travelled from Melbourne on SQ228/13 June, row 60.

Developed symptoms on 15 June

Was admitted to KKH.

No 58

53yo Singaporean man

Travelled to Philippines for work and holiday from 8-13 June.

Returned to Singapore on SQ919/13 June, row 38.

Developed symptoms on 16 June and sought medical attention at a GP clinic around noon.

Was admitted to CDC2 on the same day.

Case 59

23yo Singaporean man

Travelled to Melbourne from 4-11 June for holiday.

Returned to Singapore on SQ228/11 June, row 34.

Developed symptoms on the night of return. Stayed at home from 12-15 June and visited a GP on 16 June.

Was admitted to CDC2 on the same day.

Case 60

25yo Singaporean man

Travelled to the Philippines for holiday.

Returned from Clark to Singapore TR797/15 June, row 16.

Developed symptoms later the night on 15 June. Sought medical attention at a GP the following afternoon.

Admitted to CDC2 on the same day.

Case 61

44yo Singapore PR from Australia

Travelled from Melbourne on EK405/14 June, row 48

Developed symptoms on 15 June and stayed at home the whole day.

Admitted to CDC2 on 16 June.

Case 62

20yo Singaporean woman

Went to Europe with friends for a holiday on 18May.

Returned from London on a BA11/15 June, row 44.

Developed symptoms on 12 June while still in London. Sought medical attention on 16 June at a GP.

Was admitted to CDC2 the same evening.

Case 63

17yo Singaporean man

Travelled from Melbourne on SQ228/14 June, row 37.

Developed symptoms on 15 June and visited a GP.

Was admitted to CDC2 in the early hours of 17 June.

Case 64

5yo American boy in-transit in Singapore.

The boy was en-route to Chennai from California, via Hong Kong.

Travelled to Singapore on SQ859/16 June, row 47

Developed symptoms on the plane and was detected by the thermal scanner at the airport.

Was admitted to KKH on the same day.

Case 65

5yo Singaporean girl returning from USA after a 2-year stay

Travelled on NH7/14 June, row33 from San Francisco to Tokyo

Travelled on NH901/15 June, row 32 from Tokyo to Singapore

Developed symptoms while on board NH7.

Was admitted to KKH on 16 June.

Case 66

29yo Singapore male PR

Travelled to Philippines from 16May-14 June for work.

Returned to Singapore on SQ915/14 June, row40.

Developed symptoms in the morning of 15 June. Sought medical attention at NUH ED in the afternoon of 16 June.

Admitted to NUH on 17 June

Contact Tracing

5. Contact tracing is ongoing for the 17 cases. Passengers seated within two rows (from the front and back) on the respective flights who have not been contacted by MOH yet should call the MOH hotline at 1800-333 9999 to enable us to check on their health condition expeditiously. All close contacts identified will be quarantined and provided with antiviral prophylaxis.

Details of Confirmed Cases

6. The breakdown of the 66* cases is as follows:

Country of Origin of Travel of Confirmed Cases (as of 17th June 2009)


Number of cases



United States














65 cases were imported while 1 was a close contact.

7. So far, 25 patients have been discharged. The remaining 41 patients (22nd – 23rd, 25th - 28th, 31st - 32nd, 34th - 66th cases) are still in the hospital and their conditions remain stable.

Advisory to all travellers

8. For people who are planning to travel, they should check the MOH website for the latest update on the list of countries with confirmed cases of H1N1 so that they can make considered decisions on whether to proceed with their travel plans. For more information on Influenza A (H1N1-2009), please access MOH’s website at, call our hotline at 1800-333 9999, or visit


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