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Friday, July 17, 2009

Indonesia : Swine flu cases continue to increase

Swine flu cases continue to increase

Jakarta, July 17 (ANTARA) - Swine flu cases which were found in Indonesia for the first time late last month, have continued to increase and spread to other regions, the Ministry of Health said.

The ministry in a press release said on Thursday it had recorded 15 new cases so that the total number of patients suspected to have contracted the H1N1 strain of virus had reached 157.

The health ministry announced the first two cases of H1N1 infection on June 24, 2009. Then there were other six more cases on June 29, 1 on July 4, eight on July 7, 24 on July 9, 12 on July 12, 22 on July 13, 26 on July 14 and 30 on July 15.

Initially, swine flu cases were reported in Jakarta and Bali only but they later expanded to Bandung, Banten, Medan, Surabaya, Yoyakarta and Balikpapan.

Previously patients were declared to have been infected when they were abroad because most of them were recorded to have come from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

However, cases were also later reported to have happened with people who had no records of overseas trips or contacts with people having conducted overseas trips.

In the meantime, the Indonesian Red-Cross (PMI) said that the spread of the H1N1 virus should be stopped immediately.

"The spread of the swine flu virus in the country should be prevented as early as possible so that it will not cause an unexpected number of people to fall victim," Lita Sarana, head of the PMI said.

"PMI will conduct healthy living campaigns in all regions in Indonesia so that people will become aware of the danger of the H1N1 virus," she said.

She said the campaigns would begin with training of volunteers and guidance to the local people in Cianjur district, West Java, next August.

In carrying out the activities PMI would coordinate with the health ministry and local health services as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). (Antara)

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